hydronic FLOOR heating

In-floor (in-slab) hydronic heating is the perfect solution for new builds on a concrete foundation or an existing house with a concrete slab extension. In-floor hydronic heating is luxurious under foot with a large thermal mass radiating heat throughout the living environment. In-floor hydronic heating is effective for finished surfaces such as polished concrete, tiles, carpet and some timber flooring and removes the need for wall radiator placement.

In-slab hydronic heating can be installed at the base of the concrete foundation:

In this instance a polyethylene pipe (16mm thick with 2mm wall) is secured to the base mesh in 20m2 circuits from a central manifold which is driven by a heat source.

Utilising a fully-programmable WiFi-integrated time clock thermostat, slab temperature is brought to a maximum of 23 degrees celsius.

In-slab hydronic heating can be also be installed on the top of the slab on an insulated base (37mm thick Giacomini styrofoam positioning board) with a covering screed (usually 40mm minimum thickness).

In this instance a polyethylene pipe is secured into a styrofoam baseboard material in 20m2 circuits from a central manifold which is driven by an instantaneous gas fired boiler. Although more expensive to install, this method provides for far quicker heat transfer and less thermal loss through the base of the slab.

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