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Hub-AIR offers air conditioner, hydronic & boiler servicing for all heating and cooling systems that we install.

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Hub-air is fully licenced with the Australia Refrigeration Council (ARC).

A Refrigerant Handling Licence must be held by any person who carries out work in relation to refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) equipment. Carrying out work in relation to RAC equipment means to do anything with a fluorocarbon refrigerant, or a component of RAC equipment, that carries the risk of refrigerant being emitted, including: decanting the refrigerant or manufacturing, installing, commissioning, servicing or maintaining RAC equipment or decommissioning RAC equipment.

ARCtick certification: AU40157

We are Melbourne’s leading Hydronic heating specialists.

Operating in Melbourne for over 40 years.

Immergas High Efficiency boiler hydronic heating system by Hub-air Melbourne

Immergas High Efficiency boiler

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